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Seriously, WTF is a scented cupcake?


Well, tonight I was watching Cupcake Wars with Lesley (@geeksoap). Or, at least we started watching. Food Network had other plans-namely, they wanted to air a repeat! NOOOO! Not just any repeat, but the PILOT repeat. This show had one cocky bastard who got kicked off in the first round, one normal sassy black woman who might have won if she didn’t listen to her partner, and two CRAZY blondes (one tall, one tiny and organic) who ended up going to the last round. Lesley and I half-heartedly tweeted about it but it was the most annoying re-run on the planet.


So now, it’s 1 o’clock in the morning and Food Network just re-ran the episode AGAIN. And I watched it AGAIN. I’ve now seen the episode three times and a lot of stuff annoys me about the people on this show but I have one REALLY huge and lingering question–

What the FUCK is a scented cupcake?

I literally have NO idea. I believe during the first viewing someone tweeted something along the lines of “I do not think that means what you think it means.” Pretty much. Are the cupcake wrappers scented? Are they misting the cake with body splash? Throwing some essential oils in the batter? I. Don’t. Know. And when I don’t know something, I Google it. Google doesn’t help! GOOGLE DIDN’T TELL ME ANYTHING! I’ve been using Google practically since Google existed and it has NEVER failed me this way! There’s recipes, there’s things scented like cupcake, but no explanation on what it MEANS!

Frustrated by Google, I half-heartedly took the conversation to a Facebook friend (Ha! Friend. Right?).

Katie- Okay. WTF is a SCENTED cupcake? REALLY! I want to know.

Katie’s Friend- it’s like a lemon cupcake that smells like vanilla instead

Katie- …are you making that up?

Katie’s Friend- yeah

Failure. And taunting me with the promise of knowledge I’m desperate for. Too mean, Katie’s friend. TOO MEAN!

And all of this anectodal mess leads back to my original point-WHAT IS A SCENTED CUPCAKE!?


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  1. July.14.2010 6:16 pm

    No idea. One would think that by definition they smell like whatever they are. Maybe one that smells like something that’s not food?

  2. July.14.2010 6:17 pm

    Oh, and I don’t know if the person from the Georgetown cupcake bakery has been on there, but they make exquisite cupcakes.

    • July.14.2010 11:55 pm

      I don’t think so…but I’ll look for it. I really hope my local bakery gets on! I dunno if they can win, but it’d be fun!

  3. July.21.2010 10:54 am

    I was really confused by that, too! Hollis was the girl that kept saying it, right? The blonde. In one situation she was talking about a pistachio scented cupcake with blah blah blah… and I also wondered if it meant it smells of pistachio but doesn’t taste like pistachio. She used that “technique” (can we call it that?) with her second batch of cupcakes, too. I forget the scent or the combo of flavors, but I’m going to guess that if someone says scented and not flavored, then they mean it smells like something but the taste is not that.

    I kinda want to go find a cupcake bakery that has been on the show and ask one of their experts. Or see if the Food Network has a forum or something – either generic or for Cupcake Wars – someone has to know!

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